A new technology for women’s health

A new technology for women’s health

CaressflowAdmin 1 July 2022

Patented by Dr. Leone Condemi, a tool to counteract vaginal atrophy. The technology is also the subject of foreign studies.

It’s called Caress Flow and it’s a revolutionary technology created at the Urbino hospital. Unique and therefore a source of pride for Area Vasta 1 and the health care of the Marche region. It was designed by Leone Condemi, head of the obstetrics and gynecology department.

What is it for and how does it work? “It is a tool that offers a solution, the first, against vaginal atrophy that relieves and fights in a few outpatient sessions thanks to pure oxygen and hyaluronic acid with a specific molecular weight. Vaginal atrophy is a disease of the which many women suffer after the least break, following some treatments or breast cancer “. Yesterday the presentation in the conference room of the hospital in the presence of the regional health councilor Filippo Saltamartini. The director of Area Vasta 1, Romeo Magnoni, opened the morning with a moment of meditation in memory of Daniele Tagliolini. Caress Flow is proof that the Urbino hospital does research; it is already present in Italy and Europe, and will soon travel to the rest of the world. “This machine is used, in this case, for women with breast cancer and who are undergoing hormone therapy. In some cases the treatment can result in vaginal atrophy, a debilitating disease. The machine is used to reactivate the vaginal mucosa with use of natural substances, that is oxygen and hyaluronic acid – explains Leone Condemi -. The intuition came to me 5 years ago; to use oxygen therapy (about 96% pure medical oxygen) also widely used in aesthetic medicine. I thought it could find use also in the reactivation of the vascularization of the mucosa “.

Then how did it proceed? “By verifying that there was not already an existing therapy and verifying the possibility that it had the use of oxygen in the mucosa. This with research and tests. Then there was the design of the device, also patented by me. The first studies are immediately went to the University of Ancona. Since everything responded positively, production began. The Universities took a spontaneous interest and there are international studies that demonstrate its effectiveness. This is confirmed by many women. a non-invasive and one of the most effective response can be given, in collaboration with oncologists and physiotherapists, directly here in Urbino at the hospital “. Councilor Filippo Saltamartini reassured about the Urbino hospital, guaranteeing it as a first-level hospital. “This new technology comes from a great collaboration between the staff. Here there are great professionals and you have to boast and support them, given the commitments and sacrifices. And, above all, it shows that even in a small hospital you can do research. Congratulations to Dr. Condemi and everyone who works here “. “We are happy when there is something to be inaugurated and this must be there more and more often. Every day I interact with the staff and with the councilor Saltamartini. Urbino must be more and more the cradle and an important center for innovation”, he declared the municipal councilor for health Elisabetta Foschi. Text by Francesco Pierucci    

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