The Advantages for Doctors and Professionals

  • MAXIMUM HYGIENE thanks to the use of disposable consumables
  • SIMPLE, COMPACT AND PORTABLE immediate to use and easily finds space inside the studio
  • FAST therapy takes only 15 minutes
  • SURE there are no contraindications
  • ALWAYS REPEATABLE does not create damage or stress to the vaginal tissue
  • PROFITABLE can be carried out by specialized personnel upon medical prescription



Do you want to offer an innovative, effective and safe service to your patients?

Discover CARESS FLOW the new SIMPLE and NATURAL approach for the treatment of Vulvo Vaginal Atrophy.

Discover the Course ECM Caress Flow (FAD)



Doctors and patients

Frequent questions

A specific treatment for each pathology

What are the prescriptions of the CARESS FLOW protocol?

The CARESS FLOW protocol is prescribed for the treatment of the symptoms of vulvo-vaginal atrophy (VVA).

What does the therapy consist of, is it an hormone based therapy?

The CARESS FLOW therapy involves the insufflation into the vaginal canal, through a disposable cannula, of high concentration oxygen for the first ten minutes and, at the same time, in the last 5 minutes, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. It is a natural therapy that does not involve the use of hormones.

Is it painful?

The therapy is fresh, pleasant and painless, like a “breath” of oxygen.

Is it a safe therapy? It is repeatable?

The therapy does not cause lesions, redness or discomfort on the mucosa and has no contraindications. It is totally safe so the cycles can be repeated numerous times without any risk for the patient.

How many applications does the therapeutic protocol provide and how long does the single session last?

The complete protocol includes 5 applications at 14-day intervals. The total duration of a single session is 15 minutes.

Does it have to be done in day hospital?

Absolutely not, the therapy is not invasive.

What precautions should the patient follow after the session?

There is no need to follow any precautions, the mucosa at the end of the therapy is perfectly intact and therefore no particular care is required.

How long after the therapy can the patient become sexually active again?

Thanks to the total absence of lesions on the mucosa, at the end of the therapy it is not necessary to suspend sexual activity.

After how many sessions do you begin to perceive the first benefits?

The benefits of the treatment are perceivable already at the end of the first session.

Can it be done at any age?

Yes, you can undergo therapy at any age.

In the case of previous or ongoing gynecological pathologies, is it possible to carry out the therapy?

In case of previous pathologies it is possible to carry out the therapy after a negative PAP test. For ongoing pathologies, the gynecologist will determine if there is the possibility for the patient to undergo the therapy.

Is it an expensive therapy?

It is the least expensive on the market.

What advantages does it have over alternative therapies (laser or hormone therapies)?

CARESS FLOW is a natural therapy that is based on elements normally present in healthy tissues, oxygen and hyaluronic acid, it is non-invasive and does not involve tissue ablations or the administration of drugs that interfere with hormonal balance.