In Brindisi, the CARESS FLOW protocol helps cancer patients

In Brindisi, the CARESS FLOW protocol helps cancer patients

CaressflowAdmin 1 July 2022

Doctor Efisio Renato Poddi looks to the future with all the strength of his long personal journey: in Brindisi, the CARESS FLOW protocol helps cancer patients to resume their lives completely. CARESS FLOW arrives in Brindisi in the firm hands of Doctor Efisio Renato Poddi: the Doctor who for more than 60 years has taken care of the obstetric, gynecological and sexual health of women, promotes the CARESS FLOW therapeutic protocol.

The therapeutic protocol based on oxygen and hyaluronic acid not yet widespread in Southern Italy.

Currently a volunteer doctor, after retiring, in collaboration with FEDER.S.PeV. (Federation of Health Retirees – doctors, veterinarians and pharmacists – Widows and Survivors) and with AIA – an association that operates in the field of social and health voluntary work.

During the pandemic, and for about a year and a half, Dr. Poddi has been able to investigate the new therapeutic protocol that allows the treatment of genitourinary syndrome in women, whose main symptoms are vaginal dryness and vulvo vaginal atrophy and lower urinary tract.

Doctor Poddi considers that about 90% of the female population in their eighties suffers from it, while menopause penalizes 50%.

Although the percentages are so high, unfortunately there are few women who recognize the problem and ask for clarification.

It often happens – Dr. Poddi remembers in a long interview granted to Magazine 7 – to visit women who have always been ashamed to expose their pathology both to their partner and to the Doctor.

As a gynecologist, he feels he can invite women to talk about it, never assume that their discomfort is not curable, always take into account the symptoms and share their suffering with their partner and doctor.

CARESS FLOW, the protocol that Dr. Poddi considers decisive for the painless, inexpensive and non-laborious solution of this pathology is offered to some patients of Brindisi by a strong economic investment of the Associations involved.

The story of Dr. Poddi’s experience, the strength of the idea of involving non-profit associations in the use of CARESS FLOW for the treatment of diseases related to vulvo-vaginal atrophy and genito-urinary syndrome in women, is a clear example of importance of the diffusion of the protocol, and of how fundamental the doctor – patient relationship is for a complete reconquest of all the spaces in their lives, even for women who have fought and overcome the oncological disease.

We are proud that Dr. Poddi uses CARESS FLOW to help his patients.


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