The Therapy

The Therapy

The use of a combination of oxygen and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid contrasts,
naturally and without side effects, the consequences of menopause by reducing vaginal dryness,
promoting hydration and tissue turgor.

Phase 1

1. The cannula is inserted into the vaginal cavity, ergonomics of the handpiece is optimal to enable a comfortable procedure for the patient, even in the presence of morphological alterations related to the effects of the vaginal atrophy.

2. Once the handpiece is in place the supply of oxygen can begin. The flow is calibrated to allow an optimal absorption by the vaginal mucosa.

3. Highly concentrated oxygen is able to diffuse easily through the vaginal mucosa, counteracting the hypoxia generated
by the reduction of microcirculation and reactivating the metabolic functions of cells.

4. Each session of Caress Flow guarantees maximum hygiene both to the doctor and the patient thanks to the use of single uses consumables easily accessible from the dedicated kit.

Phase 2

5. The operator inserts the hyaluronic acid solution through the special hole on the cannula.

6. The hyaluronic acid solution is drawn into the vaginal cavity mixed with high concentration oxygen. The low molecular weight hyaluronic acid is able to penetrate easily in the mucosa prepared by the action of oxygen.

7. The combination of oxygen and hyaluronic acid results in a biorevitalizing effect on fibroblasts.

8. The fibroblast recovers its metabolic efficiency and is able to start producing again the fibrillar and amorphous components of the vaginal mucosa such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

The only device with an independent operator system for therapy of VVA.

The universal cannula holder allows the operator to dedicate time to the patient’s care without having to manually manage the cannula.

The therapy is composed of 5 treatments, 1 every 2 weeks.
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